What is Bulk SMS, and how do you use it?

Bulk SMS, as its name suggests, is sending large quantities of SMS messages directly to mobile phones. Specialized services are required in order to send large numbers of text messages quickly.Bulk messages can be sent by businesses using software programs, applications, or API integrations with their websites. These services are often integrated with a network’s SMS gateway, ensuring that messages are delivered to all recipients worldwide.Bulk SMS campaigns are similar to email and can be set up in minutes. SMS is instantaneous, allowing businesses to react to any situation quickly. Retail stores can boost foot traffic on slow days or clear stock before the new season begins. Marketing professionals can respond quickly to a competitor’s promotion or do damage control in a PR emergency.

Tips to Send Bulk SMS Messages with Success

Keep it short

Bulk SMS campaigns should always be targeted. Your audience will likely have interacted with you in some way. They may be a current customer, have opted for SMS alerts, or have purchased products from your business previously. Marketers and research teams find them to be ideal targets.Your message should be under 160 characters. You could end up with your messages looking fragmented on older smartphones if you exceed this limit. 

Business name should be displayed

It is not a good idea to have your messages with an unknown number displayed at the top. A text sent from your business name increases trust and lets people know the message is not spam or malicious. It can also increase brand visibility and look professional. Many bulk SMS services let you edit the sender ID. Some countries do require registration for bulk SMS.

Personalize your messages

Bulk SMS messages are often sent out in large numbers. However, you can still personalize your messages. Bulk SMS service providers almost always allow you to modify your messages to make them more appropriate for a specific recipient. This is based on information in your account. People can be addressed by their names. You can also refer to an account number and mention the date or time. 

Beyond Bulk SMS

Mobile messaging services are evolving to meet modern business needs. Numerous SMS services also offer other features such as sending single text messages with passwords, delivery status alerts, and verification codes. Many services now offer interactive messaging capabilities, thanks to chatbots. These bots are now able to interact with your inbound bulk SMS messages.Although bulk SMS messaging has been around for some time, it’s not likely to disappear anytime soon. Bulk SMS messaging will be an important tool for businesses, thanks to the high level of engagement it gets and new features in text communications. You should now implement bulk SMS campaigns as part of our marketing and customer service strategies.