International Calling Top-Up

VIP mobile recharges to give you access to the global experience and support you have come to know and trust. To ensure complete satisfaction, VIP, with over 100,000 customers and years in the industry, means we are familiar with what is expected in mobile top-ups. We can also help with international mobile recharges.VIP Communications now to take advantage of the best international mobile recharges. Instantly credit your mobile phones with our mobile recharging service.

VIP mobile recharge offers the global experience you already know and trust. To ensure that customers are satisfied, we have made it our passion for providing exceptional customer services. VIP has more than 100,000 customers and years in business, and we understand what you need for mobile top-ups. We can offer international mobile recharge services to your loved ones.VIP Communications can help you instantly recharge mobile phones by offering international mobile recharges that are the best and most affordable. International mobile top-up offers foreign workers the best way to transfer micro-value to their loved ones back home. With a network of over 500 mobile operators spread across 140+ nations, the new partnerships will enable customers to be connected via their retail network.

The service allows customers to send mobile topping up to loved ones back home in South East Asian countries like the Philippines and India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Nepal. It is simple, safe, and secure. All transactions are immediately credited to the recipient mobile in local currency and in real-time; the General Manager for Asia and the Middle East stated that the new partnership “further strengthens Asia’s business and expands the range of services available to foreign worker populations who support their family back home through remittances or the transfer of micro-value, such as mobile top-up.”This partnership will allow many ex-pats living in Hong Kong the opportunity to gift international airtime. To give an example of this, in the Philippines, mobiles are prepaid. Half of all mobiles have no credit. Therefore, there is a great need to ensure that your phones are fully charged with international data.

Airtime can be sent abroad.

Airtime Top-ups allow you to purchase mobile Internet time in different currencies. This is possible in multiple countries and around the world. This is primarily for prepaid smartphone users. Other mobile operators also offer postpaid phones the ability to purchase additional top-ups like data allowance and for other purposes. Services may be different on each platform, but they will generally be the same. Select the country to be charged and then complete the information. You will receive an email confirmation confirming payment and loading. They don’t have credit limits and can send credit as often as they like. The recipient might not be able to get the load because the load is almost always delivered.